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Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Website India

 Free Fire Double Diamond Top up – Easy Way

  1. Visit The Free Fire Double Diamond Top-Up Link: Navigate to the dedicated Free Fire Double Diamond Top-Up link provided.
  2. Open this Website & Select Your FreeFire Game To Diamond Top-Up: Upon reaching the website, open it and select the Free Fire game for your diamond top-up.
  3. Choose Login Method – Facebook / Player ID Through: Opt for your preferred login method, either through Facebook or your Player ID.
  4. Select Your Payment Method for PayTM, UPI, Net Banking: You can choose your convenient payment method from options like PayTM, UPI, or Net Banking.
  5. Select Amount ₹40: Select the desired top-up amount, which is ₹40.
  6. Automatically Apply First-Time Promo & Double Diamond Top-Up FF Benefits: Enjoy the convenience of an automatic application of the first-time promo, which grants you Double Diamond Top-Up FF benefits.
  7. Proceed To Pay & Done Complete! Successfully: Complete the payment process by proceeding to pay, ensuring that your transaction is successfully completed.
  8. Now, Open Your FreeFire Game & Get 100% Guaranteed Receive a Diamond 💎 + 100% Bonus Diamond Added In Your ID and Extra Bonus Rewards Now: After completing the transaction, open your Free Fire game to receive 100% guaranteed diamonds along with an additional 100% bonus diamonds added to your ID. You’ll also unlock extra bonus rewards.
Free Fire DiamondsWinZo Price
Free Fire 100+10 Diamonds₹79
Free Fire 210+21 Diamonds₹165
Free Fire 530+53 Diamonds₹395
Free Fire 1080+108 Diamonds₹790
Free Fire 2200+220 Diamonds₹1575

Terms and Conditions:

  • Now, 1 Time 100% Bonus Diamond: This offer grants a one-time 100% bonus diamond.
  • Offer Validity Very Limited Time Only: Please note that this offer is available for a very limited time.
  • This Offer Applicable to Game FreeFire: The offer is specifically applicable to the FreeFire game.
  • Now First Time 100% Bonus Diamond 💎 On Player ID: This is the first time you’ll receive a 100% bonus diamond on your Player ID.


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